From the experience of FLOWER FARM
was born FLOWER BLOOM.
A new line of skincare products
formulated with an exclusive pool
of ingredients that act in synergy.
The crystals of CBD combine
with the action of hyaluronic acid
with three molecular weights
and stem cells obtained
from unripe grapes,
for an steroidi italia extraordinary efficacy.
Flower Bloom realizes its products in Italy
with accurate and totally natural formulas
without anything that could be harmful
to the skin in the long term
for the skin as silicones and parabens.


flower bloom cannabis skin routine
flower bloom cannabis skin routine


FLOWER BLOOM exploits the potential of CBD
to increase the effectiveness
of cosmetic formulations
working in synergy with natural and organic ingredients.
We believe in a skincare routine
made of a few essential steps,
in which everyone can
take their time, without haste.
Our products are 100% natural and cruelty free.
We enrich our formulas with CBD
and plant extracts,
totally eliminating allergens
to make them suitable for all skin types.
We are committed to using eco-friendly packaging materials,
responsibly sourced,
and to minimize environmental impact.
We invite our customers to
to properly recycle all components
with a responsible approach.
We cater to an audience of all ages,
without any definition of gender
because we believe that beauty
should be for everyone and
should be nurtured every day,
slowly, using as much time as necessary.


The skin care line of FLOWER BLOOM
is formulated based on crystals of
CBD crystals that, in addition to the well-known
anti-inflammatory virtues, also boast
important antioxidant properties,
contribute to the strengthening
and regeneration of cells
and allow the skin to stay
hydrated, bright and healthy.
It is precisely on the skin, in fact, that there is
the highest concentration of cannabinoid receptors
cannabinoid receptors, able to bind to CBD crystals
CBD crystals making them work at their best.

flower bloom cannabis skin routine